Social Media jobs & vacancies in Philippines

Skill Social Media in Philippines is mostly found in categories :

Sales & Marketing (1), IT & Networking (1),

The other popular skills worth learning and having up to date in your toolbelt are the ones found in conjunction with the Social Media skill :

Marketing (2), Media (2), Quality Assurance (1), Testing (1), Methodology (1), Online Marketing (1),

Jobs great for Social Media skill Philippines

Quality Assurance Tester
Philippines, Pasig City IT & Networking / Information Security

Marketing Media Methodology Online Marketing Quality Assurance Social Media Testing

12000 - 15000 PHP per month
73 days ago

QUALIFICATIONS:• Graduate of any 4-year, IT-related course• Knowledge and/or experience in software testing (websites and apps)• Knowledge in programming IS A PLUS• Knowledge in Agile Development• Knowledge in online marketing (basic SEO, social media strategies, etc.), and promotional campaigns (offline, below-the-line, above-the-line, etc.)• Can multi-task / handle pressure /Read more...

Philippines, Quezon City Sales & Marketing / SMM - Social Media Marketing

Marketing Media Social Media

62 days ago

• Marketing / Business Course Graduate• Previous Experience In Similar Position Is A Plus• Knowledgeable In Photoshop• Social Media Marketing expiricne